Love in London

2017 was a tough year, but it showed us that Londoners will not ever submit to hatred, terror, sexual harassment and bigotry. We wanted to champion that perspective by promoting unity, displaying positivity, showcasing love and celebrating diversity.

We launched the 'Love in London' photography competition to highlight it all, and to support photography charity PhotoVoice. They work all over the world, using photography to deliver positive social change.

We asked Londoners to submit their best photos depicting love in the capital.


Check out this video to see a little more of what we do and why

Categories Winners of 2018

Love Your Partner

Love Your Partner

Love Your Partner


 Scott Hamilton – “Snuggle” | The Winning Photo

Love What You Do

Love Your Partner

Love Your Partner


Pierre Bureau – “Homecare Worker Orpington”

Love Yourself

Love Your Partner

Love Your Friends


Victoria Mead – “Always Remember You Are Enough”

Love Your Friends

Love Your Community

Love Your Friends


 Joshua K Jackson – “City Kids”

Love Your Community

Love Your Community

Love Your Community


Ed Robertson – “Hanging With Dad”

Love London

Love Your Community

Love Your Community


Elena Braia – “The Two of Us”



CLiKD is an innovative dating app experience that focuses on celebrating individuality and encouraging creativity. Their collaboration with PhotoVoice on the ‘Love in London’ event represents an ideal opportunity to display their brand’s core values. To learn more about their platform, please visit their website.


PhotoVoice is a London based registered charity organization that promotes the ethical use of photography for positive social change, through the delivery of innovative participatory projects. To learn more about the work PhotoVoice do and the various initiatives they support, please visit their website.

The Judges

Acclaimed photographers Kim Leuenberger, Paul Floyd Blake and Jackie King judged entries across the 6 categories. The winning photo series featured on digital signs across London tube stations and bus stops – it was an opportunity to display optimism and positivity for millions to see on their daily commute.


There was an outpouring of support for the campaign, with many London companies —  including the acclaimed photographic printer Metro Imaging providing prizes; everything from camera equipment to gallery space. As well as J C Decaux and 8 Outdoor who both supplied the advertising space which made the promotion possible.

Special thanks to our lead sponsor, Metro Imaging.

Additional thanks to our great prize donors:

  • The Vaults London
  • Polaroid Originals
  • Yotam Ottolenghi
  • Strawberry Tours
  • Linda Wisdom Photography
  • Fontaine’s Bar
  • The Ghost Bus Tours
  • Top Secret Comedy Club
  • Hey Saturday
  • ÏTTAG Luxury Scarfs 

and key supporters LetsDayOut and JaguarShoes Collective

Supporting PhotoVoice and their great work

PhotoVoice has achieved some great things since it was created. They have tackled issues such as political rights, HIV, disability, sexual exploitation, climate change and many more, all leading to positive changes for the people involved.

So, if you want to help them to achieve even more, then please take the opportunity to go their website and sign up for their newsletter, or by making a quick and simple donation here, every little counts, so please take the time.

For Press and Media inquires, click below to download the ‘Love in London '18’ Media Pack or contact Michael Blakeley | 07852115490 for more information.